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SmartFolders™ v3 is being redeveloped & branded for deployment on The Cloud & is intended for broad use in the new API Economy and Secure Realtime IoT.™ will differentiate itself — and benefit — from well known large companies that have begun to recently use the phrase "Smart Folders" abroad in the industry without formal claim to the mark: including The Mozilla Foundation, IBM & others.™ was registered in 1999. SmartFolders™ v2 was entirely re-developed in 2008 from the ground-up as a Web Service completely seperate from v1. One customer, who resells the largest collection of casino chips in the world commented It's Dummy Proof & very straightforward to use. A customer who sells Costa Maya property in the Caribbean was impressed with ease of integration with Adobe Flash.

SmartFolders™ v1 was first developed by Robert Thompson, as a software product born out of his college studies in Computer Science, Cognitive Science & Box-Structured methodology. The product was shown at Microsoft's Partners in Innovation Pavilion at Comdex, Atlanta & The Electronic Mail Association (EMA) show by special private invitation from Microsoft Product Managers.

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